Chicago Botanic Garden Engagement Photos



Chicago Botanic Garden Engagement Photos

Chicago Botanic Garden engagement photos are always a thrill for my team and I to photograph. This iconic garden is a jaw-dropping Chicago photo location.

Why may you ask?

These Chicago Botanic Garden portraits look like they were taken in spring but they were photographed in…..FALL!!

Safa and Imran were impeccably dressed and they chose a robin’s egg blue as their outfit color. That color choice paired with how we posed and placed the couple created a more spring-like feel. I love autumn like most mid-westerners but I was really feeling the spring vibes at this session.

I loved how Safa and Imran were ready to have a good time at their session. Despite the crowds that afternoon at the Chicago Botanic Gardens, we were able to get some epic shots that celebrated their relationship. Check them out!

Engagement Photo Tips

Chicago Botanic Garden engagement photos are very popular because of the amazing floral installations and views. Furthermore, Chicago Botanic Garden gets tons of tourists, visitors and wedding parties.

Here are my tips and tricks for the best Chicago Botanic Garden engagement photos:

  1. Select an early time slot in the morning.
  2. Select a weekday to avoid the weekend crowd and visitors
  3. Pay for the photo permit before reaching the gardens so that no time is wasted.
  4. Bring comfortable shoes so that we can walk to the different locations within the garden.
  5. Bring a bag to store all your belongings such as shoes, lotion, keys, phone and touch up makeup.
  6. Schedule a Chicago makeup artist session to do your hair and makeup professionally. When you feel good and look good, that boosts your confidence level in front of the camera.
  7.  Wear clothes that aren’t super matchy but instead compliment one another.
  8. Ask your wedding videographer to also come for the engagement session in order to incorporate those moments into your wedding film trailer.

Chicago Botanic Garden Engagement Photos

chicago botanic garden engagement photos by Maha Studios

chicago botanic garden engagement session maha studios chicago fall engagement portraits_0006.jpg

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