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At Maha Studios, we delight in the vibrant traditions and rituals at the heart of South Asian and multicultural weddings. 

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With over ten years of experience capturing sacred moments and an artful intuition for what it takes to get the perfect shot, time and time again, it’s our joy to create evocative, timeless photographs that are as one-of-a-kind as your story.


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The rich traditions of South Asian and multicultural fusion weddings inspire us like nothing else. We have a gift for capturing the fleeting, precious moments that are so important, the ones you’ll want to relive over and over, like ...



...when your mother sets your dupatta, 

...the details of fresh mehndi adorning your hands like a delicate lace glove,

...your grandparent's faces lighting up

and the wave of emotion she feels seeing her little girl as a dulhan.

and his name covertly written in its intricate pattern, just for him to find.

as they feed you mithai and whisper well-wishes in your ear.

When your celebrations span multiple days, potentially honor multiple religious traditions, and require in-depth insight in your cultures, you need more than a skilled photographer— you need someone who can lovingly lead you through it all, anticipate your every need, all while curating exquisite shots that look and feel effortless.

That’s where we come in.

Our talented team of photographers specialize in capturing Indian and fusion weddings in Chicago, as well as , destination weddings that require our experience and expertise. 

If you’re like me, you long for adventure, you chase joy, and you’re enamored with deeper meaning. You’re looking for something different, something more than the same kind of images you've seen again and again. Your love is rare and you deserve photography rich with meaning and an experience that elevates your story, your loved ones, and the traditions that bind you all together.

xo, Zainab


Behind the Lens




Nadyah + Shayan

"It was such a relief to have them as they knew exactly what they were doing and made the entire process so easy and comfortable. It was definitely one of the best wedding decisions we made."

the heart of South Asian & multicultural weddings. 

Delighting in the vibrant traditions and rituals at


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Our clean edits serve as a testament to our commitment to authenticity – no heavy-handed alterations, just the pure, unfiltered essence of your love story, captured as it unfolded on your wedding day.

What sets us apart is our ability to harmonize modernity with. tradition. As your wedding photographer, we honor the timeless elegance of candid moments while infusing a contemporary touch that resonates with the modern couple. 

Whether your chosen venue is a chic urban loft, a historic Chicago landmark, or a destination wedding beyond city limits, we seamlessly blend into your aesthetic. Our lens adapts to your style, ensuring each photograph encapsulates the unique personality of your celebration. We work with trusted Chicago wedding videographers to create a cinematic masterpiece that immortalizes the laughter, connections and joy for every bride and groom.

In each image, our mission is to encapsulate the core of your love story. Let's embark on this visual journey together, where tradition meets modernity, and your wedding day unfolds in the most enchanting way possible. Your love story deserves to be more than just a memory – it deserves to be a masterpiece.