Muslim Wedding at Cuneo Mansion



Muslim Wedding at Cuneo Mansion | The Italian Estate in Chicago

Photographing a Muslim wedding at Cuneo Mansion and Gardens has long been on our Chicago wedding venue wish list. The mansion’s architecture and sprawling grounds instantly transport you to the ambiance of an Italian Tuscan villa. Remarkably, the Cuneo family’s deep affection for Italy now serves as the backdrop for weddings and events.

As Chicago wedding photographers, we believe that this unique venue offers the perfect setting to celebrate a Tuscan inspired wedding theme.

From a photo perspective, this Chicago wedding venue has a lot to offer without having to leave the property for wedding portraits.

Zara and Zayd | The Couple

Working with Zara and Zayd was an absolute delight. Zara, of Bengali descent, and Zayd, hailing from Palestine, are devout Muslims who wished to solemnize their Islamic marriage, known as the nikkah.

The day commenced with captivating bridal portraits, an intimate first look, and enchanting photos taken around the villa.

Swiftly, we transitioned to the groom’s grand entrance, arriving in a horse-drawn carriage, accompanied by his family.

Once inside, all eyes were on Zara as she made her entrance in a resplendent red lehenga dress. Gracefully descending the grand staircase, she met Zayd at the foot of the steps. Their union was beautifully captured, complete with the magical glow of cold sparklers.

Following the nikkah-nama ceremony, where Zara and Zayd signed their Islamic marriage contract and offered their prayers, the newlyweds underwent a wardrobe change. Zara donned a stunning pink lehenga, while Zayd transformed into a sleek white tuxedo.

The reception unfolded in the newer wing of the Cuneo Mansion, specifically designed for weddings and events. Guests gathered on the picturesque outdoor patio to savor appetizers al-fresco, immersing themselves in a genuine Tuscan wedding experience. The mini beef wellingtons served on the patio remain etched in our culinary memories.

When the reception kicked off, Zara and Zayd’s grand entrance set the stage for their enchanting first dance. We not only captured the magic of their inaugural twirl but also candid moments during heartfelt speeches and the cake-cutting ceremony.

Here are the cherished highlights from Zara and Zayd’s Bengali-Arab fusion muslim wedding at Cuneo Mansion, a celebration that beautifully blended two cultures and created memories to last a lifetime!

Cuneo Mansion Wedding Photos

Cuneo Wedding Bridal Portraits
Cuneo Mansion and Gardens Bengali bride portraits
Cuneo Mansion Bengali Bride
Bengali Bride
Bengali Bride at Cuneo Mansion
First Look Wedding Portraits at Cuneo Mansion
Muslim Couple Wedding Portrait at Cuneo Mansion
Outdoor Wedding Photography at Cuneo Mansion
Bride and Groom standing outside Cuneo Mansion
Horse and Carriage Baraat Idea
Cuneo Mansion Arab Wedding
Cuneo Mansion Arab Wedding
Chicago Wedding at Cuneo Mansion
indian bridemaids
Bengali bride signs nikkah contract
Cuneo Mansion Wedding Couple Portraits
Wedding Decor at Loyola Cuneo Mansion
Bride and Groom enter reception at Cuneo Mansion
First Dance and cake cutting at Chicago wedding venue
Bride and Groom exchange rings at chicago islamic wedding
Candid hugs at muslim wedding in Chicago
Chicago Zaffe and Dabke at Arab wedding
Chicago Zaffa and Dabke at Muslim wedding

More About Weddings at Cuneo Mansion

This hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Windy City offers a dreamy and picturesque setting that will transport you and your guests to the charm of Italy. Here’s why a Muslim wedding at Cuneo Mansion can be amazing!

Romantic Italian Ambiance

The Cuneo Mansion and Gardens exude Italian romance with its elegant architecture, lush gardens, and serene fountains. The beautiful estate feels like a slice of Tuscany right in Chicago, creating a magical backdrop for your wedding.

Versatile Spaces

With multiple indoor and outdoor event spaces, this venue caters to the diverse needs of fusion weddings. You can have a traditional wedding ceremony in the garden and a formal reception in the exquisite mansion, offering the best of both worlds.

Scenic Gardens

Imagine exchanging vows amidst the vibrant blooms and manicured greenery. The gardens provide a stunning backdrop for outdoor ceremonies and photoshoots, ensuring your wedding is as enchanting as an Italian garden affair.

Spacious Reception Area

The mansion’s grand rooms and ballrooms are perfect for large gatherings, accommodating the vibrant celebrations and customs of both Bengali and Arab Muslim weddings. The versatile spaces can be transformed to suit your unique vision.

Cultural Integration

Loyola Cuneo Mansion and Gardens embraces the rich traditions of both cultures. Whether you’re incorporating cultural customs or religious rituals, this venue offers the flexibility to honor your heritage while celebrating your love.

Culinary Experience

Enjoy a fusion of flavors with a customizable menu that blends Bengali and Arab cuisines, ensuring a delightful culinary experience for all your guests.

In summary, Loyola Cuneo Mansion and Gardens is the quintessential Chicago wedding venue for couples seeking a destination wedding in Italy’s spirit.

Its versatility and charm make it an exceptional choice for fusion weddings, allowing you to blend the cultural elements of a fusion celebration seamlessly.

Your love story deserves a setting as unique and romantic as this hidden Italian gem in the heart of the Windy City.

Our Approach to Muslim Wedding Photography

No matter what Muslim wedding ceremony you are planning, our passionate team is excited to capture the candid moments and details. We have photographed numerous Muslim weddings from all different cultures.

Rest assured we can also provide muslim wedding planning for your big day! With our years of experience, we can seamlessly help you plan a beautiful islamic wedding that optimizes for photography and videography.

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