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The Perfect Bridal Shower Venue in Chicago

Thinking of Chicago bridal shower venues for your fun fete? Well, consider a tea party at Armour House. This Lake Forest venue is swoon worthy and we’re here to shout it from the rooftops!

If you’re looking for a chic and sophisticated way to celebrate the bride-to-be, a tea party at the Armour House is the way to go.

Not only is it stunning and versatile, but it also offers an upscale European atmosphere for catching up with friends and family. When you have an event at Armour House, you literally feel like you are in an Italian villa in Tuscany!

Consider a Tea Party Bridal Shower at Armour House

Let’s also dive into why a tea party themed bridal shower is perfect at Armour House.

First off, the tea party theme is super versatile. You can go classic and traditional, or get creative and opt for a more playful approach. The options are endless! You can choose from a variety of tea blends, menu options, and decor elements to make the tea party truly reflect the bride’s personal style.

The bridal shower theme featured in this post definitely had a dainty Bridgerton vibe. This style paired perfectly with the elegant architecture of the Garden Room at Armour House.

Not only is a tea party theme versatile, but it’s also affordable. From loose-leaf teas to light sandwiches to scones and pastries, the menu options for a tea party are both delicious and budget-friendly. In addition, the staff at Armour House are so professional and swift to cater to guests needs.

Plus, with a relaxed and intimate atmosphere, you can catch up with the bride and her nearest and dearest without spending a fortune. The Garden Room at Armour House is literally a sun-kissed enclosed patio and trust me you will not want to leave! Also, the photo opportunities here are endless! After finishing your meal, you and your friends can walk the outdoor gardens at Armour House

Finally, the best part about a tea party bridal shower is the relaxed and intimate atmosphere. It’s the perfect setting for a leisurely pace and quality time with the bride and her closest loved ones. And let’s not forget the fun games, activities, and conversations – your tea party bridal shower will be a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone!

Amour House Garden Room Tea Party

garden room at Armour House photographed by Maha Studios chicago wedding photographer
bridgerton bridal shower table decor and flowers at the garden room in Armour House Lake Forest by Maha Studios
bridgerton inspired bridal shower dessert table
Bridgerton bridal shower party details, decor and macaron tower at Armour house in lake forest, Illinois
tea party bridal shower details

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, tea parties are the perfect bridal shower theme. With their versatility, affordability, and relaxed atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with a tea party celebration. So, whether you’re a seasoned hostess or just starting out, embrace the tea party theme and make your mark on this special occasion!

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Armour House

1500 W Kennedy Rd, Lake Forest, IL 60045

(847) 615-3219

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