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What is a Boho Chic Wedding?

Are you planning your dream wedding and love the bohemian, free-spirited vibe? Then, a boho chic wedding might be just what you’re looking for!

A boho chic wedding is a type of wedding that is relaxed, comfortable, and filled with natural elements and rustic details. The term “boho” stands for bohemian, which is a type of person who is free-spirited, creative, and a little bit different from everyone else. Moreover, “chic” means stylish and fashionable. So, when you put these two words together, you get “boho chic” – a style that is both carefree and fashionable.

Therefore, Couples who want their wedding day to be a fun, laid-back celebration will find a boho chic wedding ideal. It’s a type of wedding that is focused on the atmosphere and experience, rather than on a strict set of rules.

In this guide, we’ll break down everything you need to know about boho chic weddings, including the perfect venue, color palette, invitations, decor, and style for the bride and groom.

Boho Chic Wedding Venue or Location

Unique Phoenix Arizona wedding venue decorated for boho chic wedding. photographed by Maha Studios, Arizona wedding photographer

A boho chic wedding venue should be natural, open, and full of life. Consider outdoor locations like beaches, gardens, or vineyards. For an indoor option, look for spaces with plenty of natural light and with unique rustic character.

For example, this styled wedding shoot was at a small wedding venue in Arizona called Monroe Abbey in downtown Phoenix. The Monroe Abbey is an abandoned church which reminded me of the ancient ruins of San Galgano in Tuscany. Because just like San Galgano, it is a roofless abbey and also has a circular medallion stain glass window at the front of the church. It was phenomenal to see a Phoenix wedding venue resemble Tuscan architecture. I guess Arizona has it all!

Tip: If you’re having an outdoor wedding, make sure to have backup plans for weather. Rent tents or plan to have your ceremony inside in case of rain or extreme heat.

Bohemian Wedding Color Palette

boho chic wedding decor details and wedding couple posing in church ruins that look like San Galgano in Italy. Photographed by Arizona wedding photographer Maha Studios.

For a boho chic color palette, think earthy tones like deep greens, soft pinks, and warm oranges. Mix and match different shades to create a unique, bohemian look. You’ll usually see a lot of natural materials, like flowers, greenery, and twine. The colors used are usually earthy and soft, like pastels or muted shades.

Tip: Don’t be afraid to use bold patterns and textures, like macramé or woven fabrics, to add depth to your decor.

Boho Chic Wedding Invitations and Stationary

Boho chic wedding invitations should reflect the relaxed, carefree vibe of your wedding. Choose designs with natural elements like flowers, leaves, and watercolor illustrations. Handwritten fonts and rough edges add to the bohemian feel. You can even hire a wedding calligrapher to hand write the guest names for the table escort cards.

Tip: Consider using eco-friendly materials, like recycled paper, to keep your invitations in line with the natural, earthy theme of your wedding

Another eco-friendly tip is research on Etsy “wedding decor printables”. You can DIY menu cards, escort cards and wedding welcome signs that fit the boho chic aesthetic.

Boho Style Wedding Decor

For a boho chic wedding, choose decor that is natural, relaxed, and full of life. Work with an experienced wedding decorator who can pull off a boho chic wedding. Attention to detail is key and without the right elements, this aesthetic can miss the mark.

Consider flowers, greenery, and textured grass lanterns to create a dreamy, ethereal atmosphere. An experienced wedding event decorator will usually mix and match different textures, like macramé and woven fabrics, to add depth to your decor. The trick to achieve the “chic” aspect of this wedding aesthetic is to bring in modern and minimalist accents to balance the bohemian style.

Tip: Use vintage pieces, like vintage rugs and furniture, to add a touch of history and character to your decor. It’s best to find a wedding decor rental company that has a great selection of seating and accent pieces for this bohemian style.

Boho Chic Style and Attire

Romantic boho bride and groom wedding photo pose at Monroe Abbey, a unique Arizona wedding venue. photographed by Maha Studios

The bride and groom should look relaxed, natural, and stylish on their wedding day. The bride might opt for a flowing bohemian dress and the groom can wear a linen or cotton suit in earthy colors. However, to pull through chic elements you can opt for a modern silhouette bridal gown and a modern fitted tux for the groom.

Tip: Don’t forget the finishing touches, like flowers in the bride’s hair or a printed bow tie for the groom, to complete your bohemian look.


I hope you found this boho chic wedding guide helpful and inspiring. The wonderful thing about boho chic weddings is that the design and ambiance is very down to earth and intimate. You and your wedding guests will be drawn into all the textures, warm colors and inviting atmosphere. Even though the style might be relaxed, the wedding planning can get overwhelming if you are not super organized. I highly suggest hiring an experienced boho chic wedding planner like BTS management for a seamless experience!

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