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Hilton Chicago | About The Wedding Venue

Have you considered a nikah ceremony at Hilton Chicago?

When it comes to planning the perfect Indian or Pakistani wedding, the venue is just as important as the food and decor. If you are looking for a unique Chicago wedding venue with historic charm, Hilton Chicago is a great hotel to tie the knot. As an experienced Chicago wedding photographer, I love photographing venues with beautiful architecture because it blends perfectly with opulence of South Asian weddings.

Mina + Imran | The Wedding Couple

Fortunately, we are constantly grateful for the amazing clients we get to photograph. Mina and Imran were one of those couples. Mina has a cool elegance about her. She takes everything in stride. I felt like she savored every moment of her nikah ceremony. Imran is a confident and jovial personality. I loved that he was ready to go with any nikah poses with had in mind.

Nikah bride wearing gold and ivory bridal lehenga and showing elegant mehndi and wedding shoes at Hilton Chicago
nikkah portrait poses at Hilton Chicago by wedding photographer Maha Studios

The Nikah Ceremony

Mina, Imran and their families chose to keep the nikah ceremony an intimate gathering in one of the smaller banquet rooms at the Hilton Chicago. The theme of the nikah decor was soft pastels, creams and gold tones. The nikah timeline was simple: The groom’s entrance, bride’s entrance, nikah ceremony, dinner and dancing. I think keeping a simple nikah ceremony timeline is very important.

Nikah bride and groom formally accepting muslim wedding at Hilton Chicago
Nikah bride and groom signing muslim wedding marriage contract at Hilton Chicago
nikah bride and groom praying at their islamic wedding ceremony at Hilton Chicago
happy Pakistani groom at his nikah at Hilton Chicago
Pakistani nikah ceremony candid photos at Hilton Chicago photographed by Maha Studios
Wedding guests at Hilton Chicago photographed by Maha Studios
Candid nikah ceremony moments at Hilton Chicago photographed by Maha Studios
Formal family photos at nikah ceremony in Hilton Chicago. Photographer is Maha Studios.
Dancing at Pakistani wedding in Hilton Chicago wedding venue photographed by Maha Studios

Chicago Wedding Photographer Tips and Ideas

Finally, as an experienced Chicago Indian and Pakistani wedding photographer, there are some important tips to keep in mind for the best nikah photos at Hilton Chicago.

  1. Allocate one hour for solo bridal and groom photos before the nikah ceremony. Individual bride groom portraits allows us to photograph all the details of your nikah outfits that you spent so many months planning and designing.
  2. Normally, the bride and groom sit in different rooms for a nikah ceremony. But if you are open to it, I would suggest sitting on the same stage (but separately) for the nikah ceremony. This way, we can capture more great candids and details of this quick ceremony.
  3. For the nikah marriage contract called the nikah-nama, order a beautifully designed nikkah contract so that the moment you sign your islamic marriage contract is more personalized.
  4. Keep a simple nikah timeline because the Baraat and main wedding reception is going to be hectic. You do not want to run out of energy by having back to back overly scheduled wedding events.

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