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Basic Invite Holiday Cards

Basic Invite is far from a basic website. If you are like me, when I am looking for the best holiday cards to update my family and friends at the end of the year, I am looking for a highly personalized and stress free solution. 

As the holidays approach, you probably are searching for a unique and modern holiday cards. Whether it’s a Christmas card greeting, newlywed announcement, or the yearly family photo update, Basic Invite is the solution.

The post-pandemic demand for photographing celebrations, births, weddings and milestones is exponential! So I know many people want to share these beautiful moments in Christmas cards.

When personalizing your Christmas or holiday cards, here is how Basic invite’s game changing features makes your life easier. 

Instantly Preview Color + Envelope Options

With limitless choices, you can quickly select the options that fit your holiday card vibe. Also, you can view those customizations instantly online through the preview mode. 

Sample Before You Order

I absolutely love that you can upload your photos and instantly preview the virtual copy of your personalized holiday or Christmas card. That’s GAME CHANGING technology!

Need to actually touch and see the card? Basic invite is one of the few companies that allows you to get a printed sample and preview the paper quality before making a final order. 

Quickly Assemble Holiday and Christmas cards

Quickly getting and printing addresses is crucial to designing the best holiday cards. Basic Invites complimentary address capturing service allows you to request addresses from your loved ones through shareable social media links.

These stored addresses are printed for free on any Basic Invites “peel and seal “ envelopes that you order. How cool is that? You can literally cut down your time sending out holiday cards. 

Enjoy 15% Off Your Holiday and Christmas Card Order

To ensure you have the best holiday card experience with them, Basic Invite is offering 15% off with coupon code: 15FF51 

Overall, Basic Invite really thought of the best solution for Christmas cards. It doesn’t have to be a difficult process to design now because this company makes it fast, easy and unique to your aesthetic. 

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