Wrigley Building Wedding Photos



Wrigley Building Wedding Photos

Wrigley Building Wedding Photos are such an iconic Chicago photo location for portraits.

I photographed Anam and Mohsen’s wedding in 2018. A year later, the couple was ready for an anniversary wedding photo session. Anam is from Florida and Mohsen is a Chicago native.

While the main events of their South Asian wedding were in Orlando, Florida, they had a second wedding reception in Chicago to celebrate.

About a year later, in July 2019, Anam contacted us to do another shoot…Let’s say it was more like an anniversary shoot! I’m so glad they reached out again because it was so much fun spending time with them.

For this portrait shoot, we went to the Wrigley Building for their downtown wedding portraits in Chicago. Being July, the tourists and crowds were HUGE.

If you plan to have a shoot in downtown Chicago, be aware that dealing with traffic, crowds and parking are a big factor to consider. You need at least two hours for a photoshoot in downtown because you may want to walk to different locations close by.

We only had an hour for this anniversary wedding shoot, so we stayed close to the Wrigley Building. This is a beautiful location for portraits because of the sweeping views of the Chicago river, and the iconic Chicago architecture.

This is a popular wedding portrait location in Chicago so be ready for at least 2-3 large wedding bridal parties waiting in line to be photographed there.

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