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Tehreem and Haris’s Mehndi Event

Starting your own business especially one that deals with something as subjective as photography can we very daunting. You are creating art through images and film that you hope your clients will also love. So it’s a real special honor when not you only have admirers of your work in your hometown, but also in different places across the nation. This year we had a chance to travel quite a bit to various locations for wedding photography and film.

Tahreem and Haris’s wedding was one of them!

A lot of times we don’t get to meet our out-of-state clients, but we always make it a point to chat with them on the phone and learn about our clients. We headed to Erie, Pennsylvania for Tahreem and Haris’s wedding events. They were having a traditional Indian and Pakistani wedding celebration. Our first event was the mehndi or sangeet.

What is a Mehndi Party or Sangeet?

The mehndi is a raucous , energetic dance party where the guests, including the bride and groom, wear colorful clothing, take part in feeding the couple, sing songs and enjoy choreographed dances. The mehndi and sangeet celebration is my favorite event because there is a lot of fun-loving humor and jest. It’s basically the big dance party right before the wedding! Please enjoy the wedding highlights below!

Philadelphia Mehndi Party decor ideas by Maha Studios

Colorful Philadelphia Mehndi Party decor ideas by Maha Studios

Pakistani Mehndi decor details by Maha Studios

Candid moments of Mehndi party at Philadelphia wedding event

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Choreographed Dances at Mehndi Party and Sangeet

The much anticipated dance program of the evening started off with Haris and Tehreem’s cousins and siblings Bollywood dance.  Haris and Tehreem also had their own solo performances. My favorite moment was capturing Haris playing the guitar for his bride.

Candid Mehndi Party dance photos at Philadelphia mehndi party

We hope you enjoyed taking a peek at the colorful and energetic mehndi/sangeet celebration of Tahreem and Haris’s wedding in Pennsylvania!

See the Tehreem and Haris’s Philadelphia wedding photos here.

Important Philadelphia Wedding Photography Tip

If you are having a wedding in Pennsylvania and need an experienced wedding photo and film studio, please consider Maha Studios. We specialize in weddings and have had the honor to cover weddings across the nation.

The wedding photographer you select impacts the overall look and memories you have of your special day. For example, when selecting a wedding photographer choose one that has abundant experience in the genre of wedding you are having.

If you are having a Pakistani wedding, make sure your wedding photographer knows the intricacies of capturing large, energetic functions where families, rituals and details are just as important at the bride and groom. Their portfolio should reflect their experience and they must be willing to show you full wedding galleries to justify their costs.

If you are having a Pennsylvania indian wedding, reach out to us!

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