Chicago Wedding Florists


Chicago wedding florists are true botanical artists!

Their vibrant floral creations hold the key to bringing your wedding vision to life.

The wedding florists in Chicago have a magical touch that can transform your venue, setting the stage for a day that’s uniquely yours.

But have you ever wondered why investing in fresh florals might cost a bit more?

It’s a dance between art, nature, and skill that culminates in stunning arrangements that perfectly capture your dream wedding atmosphere.


Why Fresh Wedding Florals Cost More

  • Artistry: Florists craft intricate designs that align with your wedding theme, demanding expertise and creativity.

  • Nature’s Whims: Blooms have seasons and moods, requiring extra effort for out-of-season flowers.

  • Craftsmanship: Handpicking, arranging, and styling every bloom takes time, skill, and dedication.

Finding Your Perfect Chicago Wedding Florist

  1. Define Your Vision: Envision your wedding’s floral vibe – elegant, boho, modern? This helps find a florist aligned with your style.

  2. Research: Look for Chicago wedding florists specializing in your preferred style and read reviews from past clients on Google and other wedding directory websites.

  3. Portfolio Check: Review their work to ensure they’ve created arrangements in line with your vision. Compare their work to your wedding inspiration board (i.e. Pinterest board). Does your wedding vibe match their floral style?

  4. Consultations: Meet potential florists to discuss ideas. They should be open to your input while offering creative suggestions. If it’s possible, visit a Chicago wedding event where you can see their work in real time.

  5. Budget Chat: Be transparent about your budget. A great florist can create stunning designs within your financial parameters. Also, be realistic! Fresh flowers are EXPENSIVE and are often times flown in from South America. There’s very little wiggle from with the costs associated with real flowers. The key is to get creative with your budget. Where can you save and where can you splurge? That is the balance you must achieve.

  6. Communication: Opt for a florist who listens attentively, communicates clearly, and understands your preferences. Having a well organized client experience that feels intentional and organized is super important to helping you feel heard and understood.

  7. Flexibility: A good florist adapts to changes and can adjust the design as your plans evolve.  They should be able to pivot and come up with alternative options that will not detract from the overall wedding vision.

  8. Collaboration: Choose a florist who feels like a creative partner, ready to enhance your vision with their expertise. But at the same time, do not micromanage. If you hired the right florist, give them room to be artistic and just trust their expertise.

Best Wedding Florists in Chicago

Lavender Fields Florist

Avant Gardenia

Flowers by KH

Afrin Designs

Siblana Events

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