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A destination photography studio in Chicago, New York, California, and worldwide. 

As you approach some of the most significant celebrations of your life, you’re searching for creative partners who can do justice to the whole of your story; not just the love between you two, but the love in your families and the important, beautiful nuances of your cultures.

You’re always looking forward and yet ever reverent of how your experiences, loved ones, and traditions have shaped who you are today and where you’re going next. 

We recognize that fire in your eyes, the hunger in your heart for something more. 

 Chicago  |  New York |  California

Capturing the different layers of emotion and movement that reveal themselves during your special celebrations takes a trained eye and careful footing ... and, of course, capacity for wonder.

We’re there when you need us— to brush back your flyaways or to expertly arrange your heavy bridal lengha for portraits— and the rest of the time, we’ll be in and out of the crowds, finding and documenting the stories happening all around you, even the ones you aren’t there to see.  From your college friends reminiscing on the dance floor to your nieces and nephews sneaking kisses from their favorite aunts and uncles, it’s our delight to witness all of these hidden details that make up the exclusive story of your wedding and to catch them beautifully as they happen.

At Maha studios, we let your relationships, traditions, and your love inspire the shots we take. We understand that where there’s risk, there’s a story, and we set out to capture yours with beauty and intention.


Sadiya + Asad

Founder and Principal Photographer of Maha Studios

"I’ve had the joy of celebrating and photographing over 300 weddings and each one has made a distinct mark on me."

There’s something magical about how we can honor the same traditions, the same hallowed commitments, and yet no wedding is just alike. Each couple, each family, and each community adds their own thread to the great tapestry of love that binds us all together. It’s catching the intimate moments— like when he steals a glance at you under the mandap or the tear on your father’s cheek when you make your final exit— that make me grateful that my lifelong love for art, travel, and culture serendipitously prepared me for the best job ever: photographing meaningful weddings like yours in sharp relief.

“I trusted her vision and she does amazing, inspired work”

Sana + Zain

Meet Zainab

Our Promise to You.

No matter your culture or cultures, no matter your location, we can’t wait to chronicle your celebrations with empathy and artful awareness.

From Pakistani-Indian weddings to Hindu-Jewish fusion ceremonies and every fathomable combination in between, our expertise is honoring and masterfully documenting the ancient traditions special to you and your loved ones.