11 Questions Every Couple Should Ask Their Wedding Photographer and Videographer





We have met hundreds of couple and it amazing how little information clients have to go off of when interviewing wedding photographers and wedding cinematographers.  Most couples look at a studios website, email for pricing and if the package doesn’t meet their budget, they move on to the next studio.  I cannot stress enough that the photographer and cinematographer are the most important wedding vendor that you hire and every client should do the proper due diligence when researching who should capture their special day. To help prospective engaged couples avoid the pitfalls and horror stories that we hear all the time, here are some important interview questions to ask! 11 Important Questions to Ask a Wedding Photographer and Videographer

  1. Can you show us an entire wedding gallery /film of a similar wedding as our own?

Make sure every studio you interview shows you FULL wedding photo galleries and wedding films.  They should be able to show you multiple full examples so that you understand their style and approach to weddings.  You will also be able to review the consistency of their work.  A key request is asking to see a wedding at the venue you plan to have your wedding.2. How many crew members will be at our wedding?The studio should be clear about how many crew members will be present at your wedding.  This will be helpful in planning your timeline especially if you have several things going on at the same time.  For example, if the bride and groom are getting ready in different locations, one photographer/videographer can go to the bride’s home while the second team can go to the groom’s location. Also, as a courtesy, it’s always nice to feed your photo/video team and knowing who will come will give you the opportunity to reserve seats for them!3. What are your copyright terms?Find out from your wedding photographer if you own the rights to download and print your photos.  You don’t want to find out at the last minute that you have to pay extra for download or printing your wedding photos.  Also, if your photographer has marketing rights to your wedding images, then you may have to pay extra to keep them private.4. Do you have business insurance?This is a very IMPORTANT question.  Now with new hobbyist photographers sprouting from Instagram and other social media outlets, it is easy for anyone to call themselves a “wedding photographer”.  That’s fine and all because everyone has to start somewhere but if they are going to take on a big risk like weddings which cost thousands of dollars and cannot be recreated, then they MUST have adequate business insurance.5. Are there permits/additional parking fees we have to pay for?More and more public buildings, gardens and venues that have beautiful scenery require a photography permit.  If the location you want to do your shoot is in the city, most likely you will have to pay for the wedding studio’s parking fees as well. Do not be surprised at the last moment on these fees.  It is better to plan ahead and know what locations require extra fees for photo and film.6. What happens if it rains on our wedding/event day?  If you have an experienced wedding photographer and cinematographer, they should be able to suggest multiple ideas for rainy day situations.7. How do you back up your data of our images and film?  Make sure your wedding photographer and wedding cinematographer has multiple ways of backing up their photo and film footage.  We back up our date on external hard drives in two different locations, as well as, cloud storage.8. Will we get to make change request to our  full wedding video and wedding highlight trailer?  Most wedding videographers charge extra for revisions that are not technical/editing errors.  At Maha Studios, we offer each of our clients the chance to review their full wedding film video and submit one round of final changes. So if you are not longer chummy with the high school friend that spoke at your wedding, we’d be happy with cutting out that scene.  What is even more special about Maha Studios is that if you want us to make the change  requests face to face, we are happy to meet with you for that added personal service.9. Who will be capturing our wedding/event?  You should ask who will be covering your event so that you can meet them and review their specific galleries and films.  Do not let a studio sell you on work that has not been done by the photographer or videographer that they intend to send for your events.10. What is your style and approach to capturing weddings?  This is also a crucial question because you want to know if you wedding photographer is more hands on or aloof. Are they loud and energetic or quiet and observant?  Do they like to direct their couples and the event or do they like to capture events as they happen?  Their responses will either resonate with you or you will choose to find another studio.11. How many hours have you dedicated to wedding photography and wedding cinematography?Would you hire a mechanic, doctor, hairstylist, or any other profession who hasn’t spent hundreds of hours perfecting their skills? Absolutely, NOT! Then make sure you discuss with your photographer how many weddings and hours they have spent toward capturing weddings.  Those with more experience can handle more pressure, troubleshoot in difficult situations and still produce amazing photography and film.  They will also know how to work with other wedding vendors to get the best results on your wedding day. Lastly, an experienced wedding studio can review your timeline and help you make tweaks to improve the flow of the event so that it is optimal for photo and video.

With over ten years of experience capturing sacred moments and an artful intuition for what it takes to get the perfect shot, time and time again, it’s our joy to create evocative, timeless photographs that are as one-of-a-kind as your story.

Maha Studios is a destination photography studio that delights in the vibrant traditions and rituals at the heart of South Asian and multicultural weddings.