10 things your wedding photographer and wedding cinematographer wants you to secretly know!



10 things your wedding photographer and wedding cinematographer wants you to secretly know!1. We want to connect with you as a person/couple! Being able to capture the most momentous milestones in your life is an opportunity we feel extremely privileged to be a part of! We can’t think of any other job where we get to witness pure emotions of joy and happiness. That being said, We are a boutique photo/film studio and getting to know our couples is so important for us as visual artists.  We want to know your story and understand what you both envision for your wedding. For this reason, we really encourage you to set up a meeting, Skype, or FaceTime.  We will show you our extensive portfolio too! That way you can decide if we are the right fit for you!2. Don’t ask us for a discount just because you are on a budget.  Yes, it’s cliche but it’s TRUE… so here goes…Like with any service, You get what you pay for. When we book a wedding with you, we use top of the line professional gear and 100% of our attention to documenting your wedding. Also, our customer service doesn’t stop after your wedding or event. We spend countless hours editing your photos and video to create a beautiful collection for you to remember! We take the entire process very seriously and we do not cut corners. If we don’t meet your budget, that’s totally cool but we cannot give you a discount for the sake of a discount. That being said, we do have a loyalty program and have flash sales so stay connected with us on social media!3. If you like our portfolio, please give us your 100% trust on your wedding day. We love Pinterest and social media just as much as anyone these days but it’s not a good idea to send us photos and films of other studios. When working with any photographer, look at their specific style and see what intrigues you. As visual artists, we have our own style and we want to capture your moments in a way that is true to our aesthetic and not someone else’s.  Because of our style and extensive experience, we don’t need a shot list or the Instagram feed of another photographer/filmmaker….be confident in our abilities and we will go above and beyond for you!4. Please read our contract in it’s entirety…it’s super short…we promise! This is soooo important, guys!!! Please read our contract thoroughly before signing. For example, It is very frustrating when we agree in writing that we can show your images on social media but then getting a request not to post after the contract is signed. We want to be on the same page at all time and having a complete understanding of our terms is KEY!5. Hire a wedding planner!  Having the RIGHT wedding planner will make your wedding planning soooo much easier. Not only do you just deal with one point of contact of all your vendors, but a talented and proactive planner will streamline the whole planning process for you so you can actually enjoy your big day. If it’s in your budget, spending $3-4K on a wedding planner is well worth not having the headache of managing multiple vendors, contracts, and timelines.6. Please do not cancel your getting ready, first look and couples portraits at the last minute! AH! When your timeline runs late, PUH-leese do not cancel or shorten your getting ready, first look and group portraits . These are very very important moments that you will definitely regret if cancelled. The wedding day is hectic but these images are so important to memorialize! Once the wedding ceremony/reception has started, we shoot in a more photojournalistic style where we capture candid moments as they happen.7.  Make sure your MUA and Decor has you and your wedding setup ready on time! It’s unfortunate when our brides get delayed by vendors that do not stay on schedule. We advise you to have clear communication with your other vendors especially makeup/hair and decorator that they will stay on schedule. We can refer you to some great vendors as well!!!8. No, we will not take iPhone pics if asked by your wedding guests..Sorry!!  If we had a dollar for every time we get asked to take an iPhone picture of a guest… We get asked constantly to take iPhone pics at weddings, but during a wedding, our clients are our top priority. Being asked to take iPhone pics causes us to lose out on a memorable fleeting candid shot…that is a risk we are not willing to take.9. We ask that the balance is settled promptly on the event day.  We are pretty easy going people so we will only send one reminder about the contract balance. The only thing that is worrisome is when we have to chase our payments. We kindly ask that our time and effort are respected.10. The most important tip…Stay in touch with us!  Once you are a Maha Studios client, you are a friend too! We want to keep in touch with you and continue to hear about your lives! We are there for you and , yes, we’d love to meet over coffee/chai/lunch just to hang out!!MAHARANI WEDDINGS SOUTH ASIAN BRIDE MAGAZINE CHICAGO MUSLIM WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY MAHA STUDIOS AFRIN DESIGNS_0001.jpgDecor by Afrin Designs

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