Mariya and Latif :: Anniversary Portrait Session :: Tower Bridge :: London








Traveling the world and capturing the beautiful landscapes and landmarks on the globe are definitely one of the highlights of being a destination wedding photographer.  Since starting 6 years ago, we have a chance to photograph across the United States, Canada and now we are so excited to start our photographic adventures in Europe!  Mariya and Latif are a fabulous and sweet couple that were married a year ago.  To mark their one year anniversary, they decided to do a anniversary shoot and brunch in one of London’s many fabulous restaurants.  London is definitely a place that anyone can easily fit into because it’s so cosmopolitan.  We chose to photograph these two lovebirds at Tower Bridge in London because it’s just as iconic as Big Ben (currently under construction until 2021).  The only predictable thing about London weather is the rain but we were able to carve out time during the day when it was not raining.  Pro tip: Of course every couple and photographer wants to shoot in soft golden light but that’s not always possible. Instead, look for a photographer that knows how to work in less than favorable weather for your destination engagement, destination wedding or London portrait shoot.A professional and experienced photographer can work around:- Harsh midday sun, drizzle, or cloudy weather- Iconic landmarks such as Tower Bridge that are usually filled with selfie crazed tourists- Turn less than ideal locations into beautiful backdrops for your photosFor Mariya and Latif’s shoot, there were plenty of tourists and Londoners around Tower Bridge despite the clouds and drizzle. With the right angles and Adobe Photoshop, we were able to make it appear that our couple were the only ones frolicking by Tower Bridge.  Here are some sneak peaks of what we were able to capture! Now, aren’t these portraits wayyyyyyy better than a selfie?!!  We AGREE too!  Call us today to plan your next destination engagement portrait session, destination wedding photography or destination elopement photography session!  Our bags are already packed!!!!

With over ten years of experience capturing sacred moments and an artful intuition for what it takes to get the perfect shot, time and time again, it’s our joy to create evocative, timeless photographs that are as one-of-a-kind as your story.

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